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Ei6 Provides thorough and accurate site assessments, mold related services and consultation.


Environmental Site Assessments & Mold Services

We conduct comprehensive site assessments with one goal in mind: due diligence done right. Through an accurate evaluation of a property’s environmental condition, we can identify actual and potential environmental liability. We work closely with clients to provide thorough and cost-effective solutions to environmental needs.

The Environmental Investigators bring two decades of consulting experience to each and every project. Our environmental professionals have conducted thousands of assessments, remediation and mitigation projects at residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout King County, WA. We provide an exhaustive range of environmental services from basic assessments to actual remediation for clients including private landowners, commercial mortgage lenders, realtors and appraisers, multi-family housing owners/managers, and environmental attorneys.

When Ei6 is working on your project you can relax, because we’re handling it.

So Why Ei6?

Close faster

Fast turnaround means faster closings. After thousands of projects, we know how to get the job done right – quickly.

Curb costs

Our investigators work with you throughout the process to mitigate risk in the most cost-effective manner.

No surprises

In 20 years of environmental consulting, we’ve seen and done it all.

No headaches

One advantage of a dedicated firm is that we deal with the details and the regulators so you don’t have to. Relax, we're handling it.

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Environmental issues aren't dictated by working hours, they can occur at any time. Should an emergency arise, our lines are always open.

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